Email Marketing

Creating Drip campaigns to engage your prospects:


We have experts who write explicit content in a way it delights prospects as if the email is personally written to them. We focus on customer pains, engagement, personalization, emotionally triggering the prospects, and also know how to present text and image in a combined way to attract the prospects. We speak about exclusive offers and make use of call to action to make the drip email campaign a perfect one.


Run result-driven LinkedIn and Email Campaigns:


We make use of the best practices and strategies like crafting engaging messages; make use of a transparent & user-friendly call to action (CTA), optimizing and measuring the success, and more. We have marketing experts who set up Email and LinkedIn campaigns with clear objectives, choose the right parameters of your targeted audiences and track conversions, to make the lead generation a successful process.

Generate quality leads/warm conversation:


We generate warm conversation or quality leads by creating an ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), gather information about the decision-makers and target accounts, discover their contacts, personalizing emails with images, humor, and videos, make a follow-up call when required. We make use of retargeting to entice users to come back to your site once again and help them start a warm conversation


How do we stand out Unique from the competitors?


  • Experienced and smart research team that offers 98% accurate marketing data.

  • Exclusive & proficient content writers who develop incredible messaging that acquires more response from email marketing.

  • Website and domain reputation protection while running cold campaigns

  • Email Deliverability experts who can improve Email open rate 

  • Discover profitable Business growth by 2X.