SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO Audit, That's where it all starts

We perform an in-depth audit of your website, industry niche, competitor websites & their backlinks. This helps in crafting a perfect SEO strategy for you by shortlisting the right keywords and identifying high authority niche websites for building backlinks.

Website Optimization

During the SEO Audit, we analyze and identify areas of improvement in your website, to gain an edge over your competition. Maybe your website is missing a blog or pages targeting specific keywords, whatever the findings, we ensure to cover the patches by adhering to our SEO strategy.

We also ensure the technical aspects such as Title Tags, Meta Tags, Structured Data, broken links, and internal linking structure are optimized for the best performance.

Acquiring Industry Links

Upon completion of website optimisation, we begin link building campaign by acquiring links that are industry niche with high domain authority & traffic. We create a strategic off-page SEO plan that clearly defines our next steps for the upcoming month which will be shared with you every month. We will have a minimum 2 meetings every month: 1. To discuss the plan of action for upcoming month 2. To review the last month's activities & reports. This way, you will be aware of all the online activities and the results we are bringing in on a monthly basis.

Monthly Reports

 We all need to know the progress and most certainly, you need to see the progress. We will send your monthly performance reports that are easy to understand, along with the strategy executed and the resultant impact is created